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Two Systems Operating in the World – Marlon Jameson(Congress-WBN)

THE PRESENT EMPHASIS OF KINGDOM VALUES: There are two systems operating in the world, the system of Babylon and the kingdom of God. The objective of the two systems is to reform human lives, to bring it to its peculiar unique expression. Both systems move in the opposite direction.

Babylon seeks to create a certain kind of human being. In 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Paul defines characteristics that Babylon wants to create in human beings. The kingdom of God also seeks to create a certain type of human being.

When God moves and brings new truths, He expects an automatic response of change to the way we think, understand His purpose, and the way we relate to him. God wants a certain type of human being. This is not about physical manifestation but about how we build our lives on the inside.

A system is a combination of structures and values that allows for a smooth progression towards a defined result. A system operates by having certain structures in place, which seek to enforce certain values. How do structures and values relate to one another? What are the structures that exist in the church today? Why does God seek to change them? What is the present emphasis that God is bringing, and how is He changing the church? What are the things that largely define church ministry that is actually antichrist?


Human beings acquire their values from the system they function in. If you continue to function in the world, you will be of the world. If you function in the kingdom of God, your nature will become more Christ-like. That is why God tells us to come out of Babylon. Even though we are in the world we are not of the world.

Human beings, according to where they function, determine the structure of their lives i.e., whether out of the flesh, which is a Babylonian paradigm or that of the kingdom of God. Any system you function in, you are required to learn the values. The purpose of structure or systems is to teach you values i.e., the end result.

The end result is a certain type of human being, defined not by physical looks or what is produced, but by how he lives. Values determine how you live. There has to be something that exists inside of a human being, but that also has the capacity to learn values.

It is quite possible for human beings to exist in a system and yet not acquire its values. God would not have said this if He knew it was not possible. (Daniel 1: 8). The converse of this is that you can exist within the structures of God’s kingdom and still not acquire kingdom values.

It is possible to live within kingdom structures and yet live a Babylonian lifestyle. (1 John 4: 1-3) God created a system called the kingdom of God, and its purpose is to inscribe kingdom values inside of human beings, to write upon the heart of men His values, ways of life, lifestyle (Jeremiah 7: 22-23)

God gave Moses the law and its regulations, within which he expected the nation of Israel to function in. The expectation of God was that through the system of the law, Israel would learn the value of obeying His voice.

It was possible for Israel to fulfill all the requirements of the law and its regulations, and still not learn the value of being obedient. This resulted in their inability to enter into the promised land though they had kept the law. They kept the law but did not acquire the value.

Our focus should not end on the structures that God is building. We have to understand the values behind them and appropriate those values for ourselves. We are not just to build reformation structures, but to acquire the values behind them i.e., becoming Christ-like, obedient, disciplined.

God always speaks to us about kingdom values, the thing that makes us human beings that are more relevant to His purpose. Human beings acquire their values from the system that they function in, but to do that they have to be conscious.

There are no formulas in the kingdom of God. The values are what we are to focus on. Structures are used to perfect the expression of values in human beings (Romans 12: 2). To be conformed is to have one’s mindset and character fashioned according to a pattern.

You become more relevant to existing and operating within a certain context the more you make strategic decisions to abide by its regulations and laws. Structure is something that can be seen, something you have to exist in.

The law was a structure that God gave to Moses, and He expected people to live in it. The more that the people lived in it, the more that they expressed a manifestation that pleased God. The reason why He gave the law was to create a certain regulation to human life style.

The structure seeks to conform you, seeks to make you more relevant to your purpose. Once you have acquired the values, you are not expected to forget the value, but the structures will change.

The point of the structure is to get you to learn the values, and once the values are learnt, God moves on. If we have a fleshly, earthly-based mindset, and we attach ourselves too strongly to structures, then we can’t transition into the purposes of God. The apostolic reformation is not about building new structures to the exclusion of other values that we learnt from other moves of God.

The apostolic reformation seeks to reconcile all of the values of past moves of God, and bring them into relevant manifestation of what God wants to do in the future. The problem is that people cannot transition into what God is doing now simply because they have become too attached to structures. They have glorified structures over the values. When God moves they cannot even recognize the need for them to migrate to a new position.

Refusal to move from one spiritual location to be planted elsewhere is proof that one has become too loyal to the structure than to the values. Structures can remain, but if God has moved and you choose to remain in the old structure, you miss God. He moves from one phase of the building to another, and we have to move with Him.

God is building new structures, but the point of the new structures is to allow us to acquire new values. You cannot get these new values until you move into the new structures. There has to be movement. Systems use structures to perfect the expression of values in human behavior.

The nature of structures can always indicate the values that are being built in human beings. A society that institutes a law that equates a common-law wife (a woman who lives with a man without the covenant of marriage) equal status as that of a married woman, teaches society not to respect marriage.

The structure is the law that is passed; the value learnt is that you don’t have to get married. Thus the value of an institution that God has ordained to be a blessing has been completely devalued by a structure that has been built by man on the earth (Mark 7: 13). This causes human beings on the earth to acquire a different set of values.

These are the finer operations of Babylon, and how it creates an ideal environment for living permissively outside the will of God. Men by their traditions have made the word of God of no effect. You can look at structures, laws, how things are done, why things are done, and get an idea as to where human beings will reach, what values they will learn, and what type of human beings they will become.

In building church or ministry, we cannot just introduce a structure simply because it looks nice. Building is not just a haphazard process; we have to begin to scrutinize things a bit more closely. We have to begin to see our structures as being the mechanism by which we teach our people to live in a certain kind of way.

We have to look at the structures within our churches because they teach our people values. Structures are supposed to teach our people how God operates, who He is. If your structure does not match up with the perfect expression of God, then the people would have been led on a journey that does not get them to the finish.

If your destination is wrong, then your journey would be ineffective and also wrong. We have to become absolutely strategic, and that is one of the things that the apostolic reformation is bringing – a more strategic approach to the process of building church

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