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The Third Temple standing in the HOLY PLACE, seeking full admission to the MOST HOLY as Priest after the order of MELCHIZEDEK abiding ever in the FATHER. The FATHER is our destination; our MANSION is in the FATHER. We are “rapturo”, raptured into His likeness (CHRIST). To be caught up into Christ, abiding in Him forever. Our Heaven is the FATHER. Our rapturo or caught up is into His likeness and our MANSION is in the abiding presence of the FATHER

1 – The Third Temple refers to the human temple. The first being the temple tent (Tabernacle of Moses), the second being (Solomon’s Temple, then Herod’s Temple). The Third temple is Christ and his brethren (human).
2- We are building an internal Third Temple in the power of the Holy Spirit, our material being Christ through divine revelations, our dimension being temple and the glory as the ultimate response of completion which we believe the Father will release ushering us into the realm of divine fullness, immortality, introduction of the kingdom age and the emergence of the kingdom sons.
3- The Third Temple is who we are mandated to become. The Third Temple is our identity. The Third Temple is Christ. It is the only building Christ is involved in. It is being supervised by the Holy Spirit in the willing temple seeking to become the final temple (The Third Temple)
4– The Third Temple is a person. The Third Temple is a realm. The Third Temple is Christ and we are to become Christ.
5– God’s response to a finished temple constructed as He commanded is the glory. The Tabernacle of Moses witnessed the glory at completion, so also Solomon temple twice while Christ witnessed the glory of transfiguration. Ours is the fullness of Christ (changed from glory to glory)
6. The Third Temple is not a worship center or facility or building, nor where we go to worship. It is who we are. It is our core identity in God. It is what we seek to become. Upon becoming (our temple finish – the construction within), the glory of God awaits us.

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