I’ve been spending some time this morning processing through this class I’m taking on the five-fold ministry or Kingdom Leadership Dynamics by Don Lynch. It’s a fantastic class that really puts into perspective what Kingdom Leaders are called to do. I highly recommend it.

In a nutshell, the current pseudo-culture of “church-anity” has little room for a full expression of Kingdom Culture. Ecclesia (church) is intended to reflect Kingdom culture, but in most cases, it does not; rather, it often reflects a people-driven consumer culture that largely operates from one grace, the shepherd. This perpetuates a pseudo-culture that largely keeps people sheeple, and hardly ever matures them to the full stature of Christ.

As an example, consider the discipleship mechanism in most churches. I have been around long enough to have had the occasion to run around the bases in the purpose driven church, and in recent days, run around a growth track. This type of discipleship can teach people the basics of the Christian faith but does nothing to help believers discover their full creative disposition and position them for their place in the kingdom; it usually only shows them their place to the nursery, kids church, or some other place to serve within the system.