The Government of God

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33.  Every man who has been chosen by God to serve Him on earth has an assigned kingdom. It is his job to replace his kingdom with God’s Kingdom within that assignment. 

In order to carry this out, we must seek God for understanding. The basis for understanding is the exchanging of our ways for His Ways (methods). “Forego the world’s ways (and the traditions of men), and gain the Kingdom’s method of receiving. If you engage the world’s system, you will be dependent upon it for your reward.”

What do we battle as we seek to transition into the Kingdom dynamic?

Most often it is our preconceived notions, our traditions, and mindsets. The word of God says, “The traditions of men make the word of God to no affect.” Our ‘traditional mind-set’ often blocks the very will of God in our lives. Why? Simply because we are not open to new arenas of thought. For example, many are bound to ministry who are called to be in the marketplace, and vice-versa. Many think their past limits their future (with God), when in fact “all things are possible” (with God). Our traditional thinking can and often does rob us of Kingdom possibilities. Many have been programmed to believe their best years are behind them due to chronology, when in fact their real purpose in life is just beginning.

The word Kingdom and Government are synonymous terms.

Another interpretation of Kingdom/government is God’s Perfect Order – the positioning, and placement of things according to God’s will (not necessarily our will). Often this is nothing more than shifting a few assets, changing an alignment, adjusting an attitude, being a more patient, a little more aggressive, or whatever the Holy Spirit is saying (to you) about YOUR KINGDOM STRUCTURE.

All men have a kingdom that they alone are responsible for, and all men hold a Kingdom responsibility to understand God’s order in their kingdom. The Kingdom operates by principles that, when adhered to produce “abundant life” (John 10:10), yet when ignored produce death…”the evil one comes to kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10). Faithfulness is the cornerstone to Kingdom government, and always produces growth. You cannot stop the growth of God’s assigned kingdom in your life when you apply the principle of faithfulness, nor can you grow without it. However, God’s structure (order) must be in place first before the principle of faithfulness can work as it should. That is why this teaching on God’s government is so vitally important – if the foundation isn’t right, the house we build will fall.

“Except The Lord  build a house, its builders build in vain.”

It is important to understand that the government of God precedes peace. When our internal/external government is properly aligned, peace will come. We are often guilty of wanting the peace without the government, and hence the birth of idolatry. “I will listen to what the Lord will say; he promises peace to his people, his saints – but let them NOT RETURN TO THEIR FOLLY” (Psalm 85:8). Proper government produces proper peace – the greater the level of government in a man’s life the greater level of peace he will enjoy. Government in this scripture is synonymous with Kingdom, God’s Order/Structure. As stated, another interpretation of Kingdom/Government is God’s perfect order – the positioning, and placement of things according to God’s will (not necessarily our will). It begins with a condition of heart, and expands outward. God’s word spoken or written, properly applied, brings God’s order. “The blessing of The Lord brings wealth, and He adds no sorrow (trouble) to it” (Proverbs 10:22). Godly government leads to Godly peace which leads to Godly health (Proverbs 14:30), and turn-around to bad situations (Psalm 81: 10-16).

God has ordained government because the Kingdom of God is a government. God has ordained sphere/jurisdictional government. In the word there are five major realms of government spoken of by the Holy Spirit:

  • Government of Self (all major freedom begins with Government of Self) in bringing our lives under the authority of the Holy Spirit. Our spirit MUST rule over our soul and body.
  • Family government (family order): You can measure the peace in a home by how much Godly government is in that home.
  • Church government .
  • Business government.
  • Civil government .

All of these governments have a God-ordained order.

Our organizational structures must serve our goals to produce action. The way we are structured either serves or defeats our goals. Structure should be a servant to our objectives.


If our objectives are God inspired, then we are to simply pray for God’s kingdom/structure/order. As we implement God’s structure/order, God’s divine purpose/destiny is set in motion. When purpose/destiny is being fulfilled….”there is no sorrow added to it.” Success, ease, and flow are genuine characteristics. Peace is a blessing that flows out of good government. If there is no peace in a situation it is because there has been a breakdown in the government of that situation. When things in our domain (kingdom) are properly governed, there is peace in the valley as well as the mountaintop.

Bad government produces confusion, dependency, and poverty, whereas Godly government produces order, initiative, and productivity. Bad government in our culture has produced elephantine problems. Every family and business has the inherent responsibility to adhere to Godly government. Every family and business leader has the inherent responsibility to know and apply God’s government to his domain (kingdom). In God, government will always precede peace. There can be no peace without Godly (Kingdom) government. It is God’s government that Christ implores us to pray for…”Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done on earth…”

It is clear that in the Kingdom Dynamic, Christ is both the center of all government and the One in whom all power resides. Whatever power any man or God-ordained institution of government holds, it holds because Christ has given them a part of His authority to exercise within their appointed sphere. Because the God-head has divisions of labor and jurisdictions within itself (John 5: 22, 15:1; 16:7-16), man and the created order must follow suit (Genesis 1:26). In other words, what we see God doing, we should seek to follow.

God’s Kingdom operates by and through a Kingdom government, order, which, when adhered to, produces order, creativity, and productivity. When God’s order is not in place, irrespective of where that may be in our lives, we will surely find stagnancy, confusion, dependency, and poverty. Our understanding, and philosophy of Kingdom government either stimulates or retards human creativity and productivity.

The systems of thought by which we organize people and things are like the software by which we program the hardware of the modern computer. The utilization of the full capacity of the hardware is limited by the directions it receives from the program. That is exactly how the “programming” of our philosophy of government works; if the philosophy is weak, then the maximum capacity of the organization, family, or personal life goes unused. Kingdom leaders must see that every person’s dignity must be enhanced and protected in God, and their gifts revealed and developed. This is the driving force behind true kingdom organizations.

Organizationally, the heart of a government rests in its view of power. For example, do those in control have “power over” others, or do they have “responsibility for” others?

In Kingdom government, leaders have a servant’s heart, and accept responsibility for others Luke 22: 24-27.

True authority in God’s Kingdom is of a servant’s nature. When we approach leadership responsibility from a “power over” perspective, besides opening ourselves up to pride, we begin to put those under us in a mode of where their creativity button switches “off.” Their primary concern becomes the fear of authority rather than the accomplishment of the task at hand. Fear of man (or failure) is non-productive and self-imposing, whereas faith (that I can do the job and my leaders are here to help me do it) releases enormous energy. A true Kingdom leader knows when to ‘stake the tomato plant,’ and when to simply let it grow. A good leader will get under his people and push them ‘up’ to succeed.

When the government of God is locked into the heart of a man, he will never yield to outside demands, as he is steadfast in conviction, scope, understanding, and action. When finally settled, the government of God (in a man’s heart), will produce life and it more abundantly. A settled and convicted heart will produce life unto all it touches.”


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