The Convergence of the Apostolic and the Apocalyptic.


Excerpt from the Book ” Church Development ” 


We are entering into final transition age similar to the book of Acts. The apostolic and the apocalyptic are converging .Biblical patterns is becoming a living prophecy. What we read in the first three chapters of Genesis, the book of Acts and the last three chapters of Revelation is been merged into one track.

The Book of Revelation was written by the apostle John, approximately twenty years after other writers of the New Testament had finished their works. John the most beloved disciple had years to meditate and pray about what was written in the rest of the Bible.John summarizes and gives symmetry to the whole Bible.

Genesis 1 and 2 describe creation and paradise. Revelation 21 and 22 describe the renewal of creation and paradise. Genesis 3 describes the victory of Satan; Revelation 20 describes the defeat of Satan. Apostle John gives revelatory understanding of main themes of the Scriptures from beginning to end.

Final Destinies of Biblical Themes
Heaven and Earth: 21:1, 10
Jerusalem 21:2, 10
The Bride 21; 2, 9. 22:17
Mosaic Tabernacle 21:3
Reversing the Curse 21:4, 22:3
Restoring all things 21:5
Divinity of Christ 21:6, 22:13, 16
Punishment of the Wicked 21:8, 22:15
Glory of God 21; 11, 23
Tribes of Israel 21:12
Gates and Walls of the City 21:12-13, 21-22
Twelve Apostles 21:14
Angels 21:17
Breast Plate of Aaron 21:19-20
Gentile Nations 21:24
Rivers of Eden 22: 1, 17
Throne of God 22:1, 3
Tree of Life 22: 2, 14
Government 22: 5
Scriptures 22:7, 9-10, 18 19
Reward of Righteousness 22:12

The last chapters of Revelation are the final stages of Scriptural revelation. A variety of themes come together which may not have seemed united previously in the Bible. John “puts them together.” He weaves them into one last tapestry .He puts the last pieces of the puzzle together so that the larger picture is seen. When John speaks of a new heaven and earth, the rivers of Life, the Tree of Life, and God dwelling with mankind, he is talking about the restoration of EDEN. Revelation 22 is paradise restored, paradise perfected and paradise glorified.
Natural Creation will be restored and filled with glory .The rocks and the tree will be alive. Fruit will drip with eternal life, wisdom and healing. A drink of water will fill you with joy. Animals and humans will be friends. Precious Jewels, rainbow colors and beautiful music will fill the Garden. The word EDEN means “delightful and delicate “. All of creation will be full of delights. This is the glorification of natural creation.