A Restoration Digital Materials Library


  • WildernessVoice.com Collection
    This is a separate collection of 15 ebooks written by George Davis, Michael Clark, Kokichi Kurosaki and William Law that are a treasure chest for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord.
  • AtChristsTable.org Collection
    This is a separate large collection of ebooks and epamphlets written by Bill and Frances Furioso that are a treasure chest for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord. Formerly only available in print or email attachment, this is a growing collection though just starting to redo the PDF’s one at a time so it may take some time to be full of content which is the intent. The collection is connected to their main website elsewhere but the PDF list and book files are located on our server.
  • TC-LIB.org Collection
    This is a separate collection of 24 ebooks written by or about the early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands during the 1800’s. These are restored texts chronicling in part one of the most powerful moves of God of the 1800’s.

  • The Ancient Church: Its History, Doctrine, Worship, and Constitution, Traced for the First Three Hundred Years. (1859)
    By William Dool Killen, D.D.
    In the interval between the days of the apostles and the conversion of Constantine, the Christian commonwealth changed its aspect. The Bishop of Rome — a personage unknown to the writers of the New Testament — meanwhile rose into prominence, and at length took precedence of all other churchmen. Rites and ceremonies, of which neither Paul nor Peter ever heard, crept silently into use, and then claimed the rank of divine institutions. Officers, for whom the primitive disciples could have found no place, and titles, which to them would have been altogether unintelligible, began to challenge attention, and to be named apostolic. It is the duty of the historian to endeavour to point out the origin, and to trace the progress of these innovations. An attempt is here made to lay bare the causes which produced these changes, and to mark the stages of the ecclesiastical revolution. DOWNLOAD PDF

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