Technite Leadership Institute

The backbone of the religious church for centuries has been studying about God in the Bible. Theology (the study of God) is an intellectual exercise that cannot discover the hidden mysteries of the kingdom that Jesus imparted to His disciples. The supernatural power and heavenly wisdom of God is not obtained through intellectual study. The Bible is a spiritual book that becomes alive only by the Holy Spirit. Intellectual knowledge of the Bible can only produce opinions that are determined in the minds of men The many different opinions of men in the religious church created schools of thought that divided people into many thousands of powerless denominations.Jesus taught much about entering the kingdom and walking or abiding in it. Jesus preached and taught more about what the kingdom of God is like, how it works, and how to enter it, than any other subject. The parables that Jesus taught in the four Gospels are the richest teaching on the kingdom of God in the Bible. However, what the kingdom of God (the rule /dominion of God) is like and how it works spans the entire Bible and is the predominant theme of the Word of God.

The KLS/KMS is a post-Pentecostal church kingdom training initiative and it is designed to ground the participant in the Gospel of the Kingdom and the relevant 21st Century mentality for the completion of the purposes of God. The School course structure is reformatory because it seeks to point the Body of Christ to the preferred position of the Lord NOW, and the subjects are designed to equip participants for 21st Century relevant spiritual competence. The  School is  3-months for  Certificate Or 6 months (accelerated) for the Diploma. The courses are modular, and it is divided into five major themes, each module consists of 10 sessions. 100 sessions for Diploma Certificate & 50 for Certificate, Classes are conducted  twice a week  3hrs each session.​