Oluwaranti Williams

Throne Sound Inc , Governmental Prayer.

NIGERIA ; Prophetic Apostolic Chronicles by Deji Ezra-Williams

In the current prophetic cycle, attempts at change within the nation and the church will continue. The “religious war” going on in the church is actually the Reformation that will turn Christians in Nigeria into Witnesses for the LORD.

With the election approaching and Nigeria Church Leaders currently divided politically, the doctrinal war on the internet will further polarize the church, key leaders will be forced to make statements for or against, no leader will be able to hide or cover up the issues as we normally do because of the subservient culture within our major denominations. The media war will give an opportunity to Christian in Nigeria to act like the Berean  Christian for the first time,  when the dust finally settles, the Nigeria of our dreams will emerge, where our leaders will be people of nobility and church leaders will be people like Eliakhim in the Bible, a leader who can shepherd politician and the Nation without scrounging for the National Cake.  God doesn’t play politics as we are prone to see and observe within the churches, He Rules. This is what our Pastors who for doctrine make political speeches need to realize.

To create the kind of condition heaven needs at this time for the advance of the Kingdom of GOD IN Nigeria, the President Nigeria need will emerge if the saints will pray.

Selah !!!!!!!!


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