Shaping Our City and Not being Shaped by the City

ELDERS IN EVERY  CITYTitus  1:5  For this reason I left you in Crete, that you should set in order the things that are lacking, and APPOINT ELDERS IN EVERY CITY as I commanded you;

The  next phase of  Global  kingdom development is the affirmation of  plurality of elders as an identifiable functioning leadership team for cities. This is quite different from pastors and leaders  fraternizing with notable individuals who runs churches or ministry in a city, but the Identification of Servant Leaders placed by God into Elder-ship over the city. This  comes with  discernment and the understanding  of  the relational context of the ecclessia in that  city. It actually involve the  searching  out of those  that God has actually set over cities, irrespective of the size of their congregation and the influence of their ministry.This is the quorum needed to  administrate and legislate divine governance  in alignment with  angels  in any giving city.

Elder-ship in a city context is needed if we are going to shape the City and not be shaped by the spirit of the City.  While we can say that the early church had no form of organization and hierarchical arrangement, the scripture above point to her governmental composition. Note the text did not say  ordain Pastors  in  every church  as we are prone to see and do today . But  APPOINT ELDERS IN EVERY CITY,  The city is the only ground of division in the ecclessia, the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation  confirms  this order of  divine government and how Christ see and relates with His Ecclessia , any thing  different from this  is illegality and prone to subversion by the the spirit of the City.

 ELDERS : PRESBUTEROS : Not necessarily an older person but a person who has been appointed to the Celestial Council : One who has been Ordained according to the Divine Government E.g The Twenty four Elders around the Throne. What Do Elders Do ? Please differentiate  PRESBUTEROS from the elderly church  workers or  deacons who serves the assembly .

To Understand  this You Have to see the Origin of their FUNCTION in  Act 20:28  “Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you OVERSEERS to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.  Note The word  “the Holy Spirit has made” , “not  men have chosen” or the one who promotes himself  , a self willed individual who has money to start a church-ministry and as such proclaim himself as the G.O of it ,  or a   Diotrephes 3John1:9 the one who loves to rule.

 OVERSEERS EPISKOPOS (Grk), not the institutional church General Overseers ,But Spiritual Sentries, Gates  and Watchers.This is a spiritual responsibilities meant for those who have been set  within the Ecclessia in every given City.

With a diversity of ministries, graces, and measures (some fellow-elders being apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers 1st Peter 5;1) they serve co-equally in a collegiate style of leadership as shepherds and examples of the flock knowing they will give an account to the Chief-Shepherd on the Day of Christ. They are divinely called, biblically qualified (as to character and gift), and apostolically appointed. Their measure of grace for city elder-ship will have been proven through an evident commitment to the whole not the part, to the larger body of Christ and His kingdom in that city. They will be free of denominational and sectarian loyalties.The sole consideration apart from character is divine call and the consequent measure of grace for the citywide sphere. It is recognized that only a small minority of congregational and ministry leaders of a city will have this call. This is not an issue of ‘lesser or greater’, but of ‘division of labour’ according to the will of God.


 Ayodeji Ezra- Williams \ Elder @ TR & Convener


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