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We are in the Age of agelessness saith the Lord, I will bring my church into the realm of agelessness, you shall see it and you shall know it.
No longer will death reign, my people will not die for circumstances or the power of death, they will only sleep by choice and act of Will.

Moses meditated on my presence, he had the strength of many men, he had already begun to engage the powers of this Age, Moses died by Will, I commanded him to sleep, he could no longer die. My presence is always in you and with you but you must practice the art of releasing my presence to your natural bodies.
This Age is presently sourcing wisdom from the spirit realms.

Then was I taken into the timelines, the Year 2037 to 2045, there will be an upsurge in technological advancement, men fused with nanotechnology, men fused with machines, there will be machines to strengthen the organs, the heart, the livers and kidneys being strengthened by tech, after this timeline has been captured by the wise men of this world, for the majority it will no longer be about death by circumstances but by Will.  This is their version of immortality, they will substantially be able to prolong their lives and renew their age by a fusion of mysteries into physical tech.

But in the days of my power, which is Now! Saith the Lord, physical death will not be a thing to be reckoned with, for I will remove the consciousness. Tell the people to meditate on my consciousness, my presence and my Spirit and I will pass through their souls, I will invade their souls and I will take out the impurities, I will manifest tangibly on their bodies, they shall know I am the Lord God.

For this, cause I am sending prophets to my body, prophets of the new order, prophets with the immortal counsel, the immortal eye, the immortal eagle. Behold I give visions of the immortal Age to come, and now here is. They shall teach my immortal counsel and the people shall be willing. And I will wrought these signs, one of the signs that you shall know of these coming into time is this: you shall lay your hand upon a tree and the part you touch, the dead part shall come alive. Dead things will return to their original estate by your presence, they shall not pray for this, it shall happen by consciousness.

Behold my consciousness in you, my words have become your words, and my thought, your thoughts.

Signify this.

Mikael Angel

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