Decade of Kingdom Mystics & Pioneers

The Church today is at the threshold of a new move of God, similar to the events which characterize the birth of John,  God is releasing to the earth kingdom mystics and spiritual pioneers. Like Zechariah (Luke 1: 59-67), the fathers are mute, they can’t figure out what is going on, but if they align correctly and corporate with God and accept the naming of that which God is bringing forth their utterance and influence shall be restored.

There is a generation rising in the Church today who are working contrary to the expectations of the fathers and church as we know it, men whose power of navigation is internal,  not according to traditions of men and that of the church. Mystics, and an awakened generation of ancient men in a modern world, in them the mantles of Elijah, Moses, Enoch, John, and other witnesses who have passed on is merged into one seamless flow.

While others feasted and played church, they fasted and prayed until they broke into a new realm in God that the church had never come to before

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