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The Regenesis and Regenesis Global is a Kingdom Entrepot & Relational Orbit for Human Development, Kingdom Advance & Nation Building.


In order to follow God’s calling in our lives – To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom – we need to have a context. For The Regenesis , that context is authentic community deeply rooted in the Kingdom of God. We don’t consider community as an optional fringe benefit from sharing life with other believers – enjoyable but not always essential. No, instead we regard kingdom community as a vibrant expression of the Gospel itself.
As followers of Jesus, not only are we saved from sin and death, but we are also saved into a shared life with other believers living out kingdom values together. Our core value is to pursue “love and grace expressed among us in community.” A solitary Christian life is an oxymoron – it’s impossible to obey Jesus’ command to “love your neighbour as yourself” (Mark 12:31) and the multitude of New Testament “one another” teachings in isolation. Solitude can be a healthy short-term discipline for maturity in Christ; after all, “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16). Yet the purpose was to refresh and re-engage in community.
God exists in perfect community – Father, Son, and Spirit enjoy pure and selfless fellowship for all eternity. In our fallen world, our attempts at community are marred by envy, strife, deceit and a whole range of other sins. What a difference! Then along comes Jesus offering a new approach to life together – an abundant and full life (John 10:10). As followers of Jesus, we enter into this life – yes, as an individual but also as a member of His Kingdom Community. The message of the Gospel is best demonstrated and proclaimed in this context – a healthy gathering of men and women seeking to grow together, go together, and ultimately reproduce together. This is the heart of a healthy kingdom community.


City Apostolic Council is for the post-denominational unity of Christ’s body, facilitated through the biblical rhythm between ‘Churches’ and emerging ‘Organic Kingdom Communities ’, providing a larger apostolic connectedness for morphing and emerging churches free of any franchise (sectarian) mentalities.
City Apostolic Council is merely a tag for the emergence of a new spiritual administration and governing arrangement. It is a vision to re-imagine our world transformed by the fullness of God’s kingdom. The body of Christ is sick and divided—a scandal to the watching world. Therefore it is a revolution of God’s people being healed and becoming one through an act of God in a season of unprecedented spiritual renewal and reformation.
It is a vision of the one body of Christ – city-by-city – around the globe regularly celebrating, as ONE-church-of-the-city, the unity of the Spirit together in great citywide gatherings.


The backbone of the religious church for centuries has been studying about God in the Bible. Theology (the study of God) is an intellectual exercise that cannot discover the hidden mysteries of the kingdom that Jesus imparted to His disciples. The supernatural power and heavenly wisdom of God is not obtained through intellectual study. The Bible is a spiritual book that becomes alive only by the Holy Spirit. Intellectual knowledge of the Bible can only produce opinions that are determined in the minds of men. The many different opinions of men in the religious church created schools of thought that divided people into many thousands of powerless denominations.
Jesus taught much about entering the kingdom and walking or abiding in it. Jesus preached and taught more about what the kingdom of God is like, how it works, and how to enter it, than any other subject. The parables that Jesus taught in the four Gospels are the richest teaching on the kingdom of God in the Bible. However, what the kingdom of God (the rule /dominion of God) is like and how it works spans the entire Bible, and is the predominant theme of the Word of God.
The Technite Institute of Kingdom Leadership is a post Pentecostal church kingdom training initiative and it is designed to ground the participant in the Gospel of the Kingdom and the relevant 21st Century mentality for the completion of the purposes of God.

Kingdom Community

The Regenesis +

Creation stories are important because they are our faith’s explanation for the start of all things concerning us. They give us a peek at our true identity, who we were made to be, what our relationship with creation is, how God works and ultimately, hold the key to figuring out what is wrong with us.

That last bit seems particularly important to me, as it is very hard to fix something if you don’t know what is wrong with it. Consistently in Scripture, heaven and earth are linked: both by way of comparison and of contrast.

Genesis begins with the creation of heaven and earth; Jesus taught us to pray that the order of heaven would come to earth; the last book of the Bible speaks of a new heaven and a new earth. Creation and consummation are inextricably linked. Creation begins with a couple, consummation shows us a multitude that no-one could number; creation has a tree in a garden, consummation presents us with the tree of life bearing fruit throughout the year in the midst of a magnificent city, which is itself set in the midst of a renewed creation; in the creation narratives God visited his people in the evening, but in the closing pages of Scripture God makes his home with redeemed humanity for ever.

Creation indicates where God is taking his creation and his people – and the fulfillment is far beyond the inaugural work. Yet the two are related for God has always had a plan for his creation. Paul states as much in Romans 8:20, 21 when he speaks of a groaning creation waiting for its redemption. Creation’s future is not one of destruction but of regeneration.

The age to come is presented as taking place on earth with God ‘moving’ address to be with humanity, rather than vice-versa (Rev. 21:3, 10). Paul says we are waiting for a Saviour to come from heaven (Phil. 3:20). This coming from heaven does not indicate the withdrawal from this world but the fullness of the age to come with its transformed heaven and earth.

Community Objective

Our Vision and Identity

In this new order redeemed humanity will fulfill all that Adamic humanity failed to achieve and they will be used to bring God’s order to creation (Heb. 2:5). Eschatological humanity in the resurrected state will reign on the earth (Rev. 5:10). The future is not one of ‘going to heaven’ but of participating in the heaven that comes to earth.

The final amalgamation of heaven and earth is the glory that will ‘cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

The final scene of Scripture is that of the unification of heaven and earth and the complete obliteration of the power and presence of evil (shown to us by the symbolic statement of John that ‘there was no more sea’ (Rev. 21:1) – the sea being symbolic of the unruly part of creation).  This will be the fulfillment of the purpose of God in creation. This is the end and also perhaps the beginning of a new release of creative energy and ability

There is nothing in either the Old or New Testament that would lead us to suppose that the age to come is ‘other-worldly’ in the sense of being away from the earth. Even Paul’s words that those who are alive at the coming of Jesus will be caught up to meet him in the air (1 Thess. 4:16, 17) do not lead us to believe that the future destiny for the believer will be “heavenly” for Paul uses a phrase eis apantesin  (to meet). This was a phrase associated with the official visit of a ruling dignitary to a city when the populace would go out of the city to meet the ruler and then return in triumphant procession escorting the ruler back to the city.

The destination was the city – Paul’s readers would have understood the final destination for the saints with their Lord to be the earth, not the sky. The witness of Scripture is that Christ will return with his saints and set up His everlasting kingdom on earth. The heaven to be gained is to participate in the rule of Christ; we can only prepare for it on this side of life

Ayodeji Ezra -Williams

Ayodeji Ezra- Williams was saved in a Pentecostal Church in 1986, Christ Chapel International Churches in Lagos Nigeria to be précised where he was ordained a minister of the gospel. And since then and for over thirty years, Ezra-Williams has served in various capacities in the Body of Christ. He is currently the founder of The Regenesis and  City Apostolic Council, a Kingdom Community and  City Church, he directs Technite Leadership Institute, a Kingdom discipleship school His ministry focus is on providing apostolic education and support for the transition, development, and growth of the Ekklesia across the nations.

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