Lagos , type of a first City

Ayodeji Ezra-Williams

The City Apostolic Council is an attempt to get our head around God’s divine government, and to govern the sphere in the City.


Lagos City hall the venue of the Apostolic Interchange is strategic; it is a landscape rich in history as the first cradle of governance in Nigeria. Lagos City Hall, established in 1900, is the secretariat of the oldest local government in Nigeria. It is located within the Brazilian quarters, right in the center of the Lagos business district. It is also adjacent to King’s College, Lagos, St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos and Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lagos. The hall is a historical, political and cultural landmark for metropolitan Lagos.

This is why we have always used the venue for simulating the Ekklessia formation and the governmental steering of God’s agenda for the Nation . As the Church in the City , we have to deal with the issue of our inability to “properly govern”. Though we have “churches” in every five minutes walk , the high places of this city are still intact. The demonic hordes ruling these cities still penetrates and influence the day to day life of members of these mega churches, including its leadership.

I challenge the prophet’s in our Apostolic team to discern the spirit of each city  in Nigeria and understand how it is working to impede the advance of the kingdom ,  then using the School of Tyranus model adopted by Paul in Ephesus we can teach to dismantle the power systems holding people down. 

Lagos been a type of “First City”, is awashed with the Amorites and the Canaanites’ spirits; these are so strong in the city and have their gates and portals everywhere: they are indigent devils of affinity, lasciviousness and mammon ’, to build a “ cartoon church” as we see around the city  today , you need the help of these ancients’ spirit cities. That is why off late, pastors resort to Comedy and Entertainments as the marketing tool for expansion . The Large Billboards with the Images of whoever is been marketed and religious tricksters (Spiritists) jostling for market share in the name of evangelism is what my city is known by , before my very eyes occultists and magicians are been passed off as servants of God and those who seems to be Apostles and General Overseers  are mute or powerless concerning these. But the good news is that God is activating a New Generation of saints who will without any official power, ranking or title be used to cleanse the land , rising up with zeal  they will defend of God’s honor and name.

On a final note we must not see ourselves as the “Emerging City Elders”. To have this posture is to disqualify ourselves for this phase of kingdom advance ; this has been the error of every move of God that I have been part of since the 80s , TO BE USED BY THE LORD IN THE DECLARATION OF SOMETHING AND TO BEILEVE YOU ARE IT is gross arrogance and delusion .

We must see ourselves as intercessors that are called to pray for the emergence of City Elder-ship all over the Nation and we must plan EKKLESSIA PROJECT INITIATIVES in every city, because without the EKKLESSIA there is no formation for a governing territorial function of the Church .We also need to support these initiatives in every given way; we have to direct our resources and finances towards traveling teams who visits cities to hold City Apostolic Councils and Ekklessia Projects. We have been talking about how the church we see in not the right one .it is time for us to do the right one or else we are as guilty as the people we are complaining about, the CACs and the Ekklessia Projects is not going to be financed by the Institutional Church (IC) so we have to put our money where our mouth is…..


The city-church leadership will begin underground, embryonically, but with the DNA for citywide catholicity and multiplication. Through a growing citywide team and strategies the ministry will be given back to the saints, restoring the heartbeat of koinonia as the believers multiply, meeting ‘house to house’, and daily in the ‘temple’. In this whole process more prayer and deliberation will need to be put into the theological and practical objections/obstacles to the city-church, It is understood that this endeavor is impossible apart from the supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit. We are confronting 1,800 years of entrenched tradition, human fallenness, and demonic power. We therefore issue this Statement trembling before Almighty God assured that he is head over all things and that before the end comes he will display his multi-faceted wisdom to angels and men through the church.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.
Ephesians 3:20–21 NIV

Ayodeji Ezra- Williams \ Apostolic Leader  @ TRC & Convener

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