Gods Agenda : Transformation to the Gospel of the Kingdom

Gods Agenda : Transformation to the Gospel of the Kingdom,   Ron McGatlin

A lost life is a life lived without fulfilling God’s purpose for that life. Finding and fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives is the single most important aspect of life on earth for each of us.       There is no greater sense of significance in this life than knowing we have discovered and fulfilled God’s purpose for our lives.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

I can still remember many years ago as an unsaved teen having deep useless feelings of emptiness in living life. Life made no sense to me back then. I did not like working, and it seemed to me that there was a deep rut of life in which everyone lived that went nowhere. What could be the use of going to school, so you could get a job and get married and work hard to raise kids so they could go to school and grow up, get married, get a job, and work hard to raise kids and on and on for meaningless generations. Personal pleasure was the only satisfaction or significant purpose that I could find in life. Total self-centered and selfish fulfillment of carnal appetites and desires was the only purpose that I found, and that was never lastingly satisfying. Always it was back to the emptiness of needing more pleasure. Thoughts of ending this useless life often passed through my mind. Wow!

It was so exciting when I met Jesus and discovered a real and vital purpose for life. I heard that He truly loved me and gave His life for me to go to heaven. I felt alive for the first time. At 21 years old I had discovered a real purpose in life. I was going to heaven, and my purpose was to get everyone that I could to receive Jesus so they too could also go to heaven. Nothing else was as important as getting people saved to go to heaven. Strangely, it still seemed that this life was mostly useless except for the part of getting others saved. Then I started wondering about what the purpose of this life was for those people that were getting saved. Again the only answer was for them to get other people saved to go to heaven when they died. This seemed to me a lot like the meaningless generations of the unsaved. Why did God give us only death and heaven as significant purpose of life? If that was it, what in the world was the purpose for all the rest of this stuff in life? This created a great divide in my life. Job and business was a necessary evil that I had to do to get money to provide for the things of this life to be able to do the only useful part of my life mostly on Sundays. DOUBLE WOW!

God finally got through to me with the real purpose for this life and the awesome exciting job we all were put here to accomplish. I discovered that the gospel that I had was only a part of the gospel that Jesus preached. The gospel of the kingdom brings us to the greatest fulfillment and the most significant purpose in this life. In the real kingdom life on earth everything is all about God, and there is no division between our job or business and our “Christian life.” What a wonderful discovery! God is just as interested in my Monday through Saturday as He is in my Sunday. No more divided life.We are here for more than just pleasuring or entertaining ourselves and more than just marking time until we can die and go to heaven – more than just getting others saved so they can go to heaven when they die. We are here as servants and sons of God to manage His earth and all that is on it for and with Him according to His instructions.To carry out His purposes of the government from heaven reigning on earth in and through us, by fully relating to Him with our whole lives in His perfect love. Our purpose is much more about heaven coming to earth than us going to heaven. Our lives no longer need be wasted while we wait to go to heaven. The kingdom of God is the loving rule of God on earth as it is in heaven in and through His people, you and me.

Transformation to the Gospel of the Kingdom

Transformation into the next levels of life in and with God is not universally consistent for all of God’s people. Within every level of transformation, there is a journey to be traveled from where we were to the fullness of that current level and eventually on to the next level of restored reality of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

In the next generations of kingdom ministers, there will yet remain those who will continue to minister into some limited framework of the passing church structures as those structures change from denominational systems orientations to city or geographical church type systems. Due in part to persecution, denominational orientation will be greatly lessened and fellowship will be increased among the believing people who are located near one another in the same geographical area. Gifted kingdom men and women will work within the new church structure to attempt a gradual transformation from various aspects of the Christian religion toward the pure holy loving reality of the kingdom of God.  While at the same time other kingdom men and women along with holy angels will be bringing forth a greater fullness of kingdom revelation and understanding among kingdom people who are untouched by the passing church systems and continuing into fresh levels of pure holy love restoration.

They will be unveiling of deep mysteries from heaven that will continually astound the world with the pure reality of God in and among His people. Through supernatural Spirit means these purehearted holy kingdom people will communicate and function as one worldwide organism. It will not seem strange to them that other people in hidden parts of the world will receive the same pure impartations from God all at the same time. The full kingdom is without either denominational or geographical church systems. It is a universal worldwide spiritual kingdom in which Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is present in the people who move only as they are led by the one true Head, Christ Jesus the Lord and King of the kingdom of God on earth.

The true Body of Christ is NOT divided.

These two major portions of the Body presented here (those attempting to release kingdom within the church systems and those moving into the worldwide spiritual kingdom apart from church systems) both may be moving in the same direction, may be led by the same God, empowered by the same Holy Spirit. However, they are at different places on the journey from religion to the kingdom of God. Religion is the source of division among those who seek God. True love relationships are what brings and holds together the Body of Christ. Christian religion had its place in the earlier stages of the maturation process of the pure holy love of God in sons and daughters. However, it now appears to the developing body of kingdom believers, like a mental illness or retardation hindering the development of the body. It is like an illness that can be and is being fully healed. The immaturity of the age was NOT a sickness in the past centuries of the developing Body of Christ. In fact, the opposite was true; there is much learned and developed rapidly in the early stages of natural child development. The same is true for the Body of Christ on earth. The past immaturity of the overall body was the time for rapid growth and development. It is only when one is older and yet retains childish immaturity that it can be seen as some form of developmental illness.

The Power of Love

The powerful resources of God in and with His people is the next level of restored kingdom. Yes, we have seen powerful works of God. However, the unlimited unrestrained power of the greatly increasing overcoming love of God in His people is unleashing the fullness of power from heaven to change this world. The power of God flowing in His LOVE is always accompanied by the wisdom of God in knowing truth and being fully productive in our service to establish and guide the world in the glorious natural spiritual life on earth. Heaven reigns on earth in and through the hearts and lives of His pure holy people.

You are the seeds of the kingdom of God, the “Christ in you” generation, planted in the darkness to sprout underground and grow forth in the light becoming the future foundation of the worldwide kingdom of heaven on earth. There is no greater significance in all of life. Christ in you the hope of glory

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