The EKKLESIA cannot be formed by human knowledge and human activities, indeed it was of these products that the tower of babel was built …..

Ekklesia is a product of the Spirit, it is therefore absolutely necessary that spiritual means be employed in its government and edification.

Ekklesia exist wherever there is a fellowship with God in Christ and the consequent fellowship with one another. It is not something formed by human leadership but something in existence that we have to discern, identify with and labour to build!!!!

It is not something new or a new “move of God” as these normally culminate into another group in the Body of Christ. It is a reality dawning on the apprehended sons of God who are walking in the realities of the Kingdom beyond “church” experience

Ekklesia is the center of Christianity, it is the spiritual fellowship with God through Christ (Life union with GOD in Christ) When there is this KOINONIA, there is the BODY OF CHRIST. Where there is no KOINONIA with God there is no Ekklesia because the Life union is lacking. This is not a doctrinal positioning but the essence of the True Faith. THE FELLOWSHIP OF GOD’S PEOPLE WITH THE FATHER AND WITH ONE ANOTHER

COMMUNION is at the center of the relationship between God and Man, what has been called “Christianity” is designed to foster this relationship. Transformational and Relationship based Christianity is at the center of this third reformation this is what is lacking in the institutional Church.


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