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Apostolic Training School

City Apostolic Council is for the post-denominational unity of Christ’s Body, facilitated through the biblical rhythm between ‘Churches’ and Emerging ‘Organic Kingdom Communities ’, providing a larger Apostolic connected-ness for morphing and emerging churches free of any franchise (sectarian) mentalitiesCity Apostolic Council is merely a tag for the emergence of a new spiritual administration and governing arrangement.

It is a vision to re-imagine our world transformed by the fullness of God’s kingdom.

The body of Christ is sick and divided—a scandal to the watching world. Therefore it is a revolution of God’s people being healed and becoming one through an act of God in a season of unprecedented spiritual renewal and reformation.

It is a vision of the one Body of Christ City-by-City  around the globe regularly celebrating, as one-church-of-the-city, the unity of the Spirit together in great citywide gatherings. Grounded in the Godhead, all that God does will be an expression of diversity in unity.


CITY APOSTOLIC COUNCIL [CAC]  is a fluid relational movement of leaders and influencers pursuing God and the current reformational shifts in the church and in the world. Participants range from traditional pastors, through those in the ICT, media and business, to emerging church pioneers.


  • To Redesign the Spheres.
  • To Express Kingdom Government.
  • To Replace Walls with Wells.
  • To Be In Community.
  • To Mentor One Another.
  • To Explore and Develop New Apostolic Models.
  • To Partner Beyond sharing  “Pulpit”.
  • To Build Together Until the Kingdom is Instituted on Earth.

Our Message : From Church to Kingdom

We proclaim the reign of God over the church and over every sphere of life, including politics, arts & media.

Basis of Authority :  From Official to Spiritual

There is a fluid relational leadership configuration of mature apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders who gather at periodically as a governing territorial company of sons, to seek God and strategize for kingdom advancement.

Relationship & Authority

Any authority these leaders have is through relational equity, gift, and calling, not position, office, or hierarchy. Authority flows horizontally not vertically and functions by virtue of the gift of Christ and healthy mutually respectful relationships.This approach serves to emphasize first, the primacy of relationship with God, and secondly, with one another as the operating principles of the body of Christ.

We recognize that God “sets in the church first apostles, secondly prophets, and thirdly teachers” (see 1 Cor 12:28). Rather than a hierarchy of structure we see this as an order of spiritual sequence. The full restoration of apostles, prophets, and teachers is integral to spiritual breakthrough and the increase of the kingdom of God.  ALSO READ : ELDERS IN EVERY CITY