Regenesis Community

The Regenesis Community

A Kingdom Community is a Communion of People with a common spiritual ancestry and goal. It is a place of LOVE and APOSTOLIC DEFINITION with a capacity to shepherd beyond the boundaries of their world. The spiritual architecture of a kingdom community is structured to evolve a culture with all…

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Eklesia Project

Project Ekklesia

LIGHT IN THE EVENING TIME For it will be a unique day which is known to the Lord, neither day nor night, but it will come about that at evening time there will be light. — Zech. 14:7 [NASB] The 14th chapter of Zechariah clearly portrays events surrounding the return…

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City Apostlic Council

City Apostolic Council

City Apostolic Council City Apostolic Council is for the post-denominational unity of Christ’s Body, facilitated through the biblical rhythm between ‘Churches’ and Emerging ‘Organic Kingdom Communities ’, providing a larger Apostolic connected-ness for morphing and emerging churches free of any franchise (sectarian) mentalities. City Apostolic Council is merely a tag for the emergence…

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Third Temple Community

ELDER WOLE OLAKUNLE The Third Temple standing in the HOLY PLACE, seeking full admission to the MOST HOLY as Priest after the order of MELCHIZEDEK abiding ever in the FATHER. The FATHER is our destination; our MANSION is in the FATHER. We are “rapturo”, raptured into His likeness (CHRIST). To…

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life centre

HKCM,Benin Edo State .

THE LIFE CENTRE As the fellow ship arm of HIS KINGDOM COMMUNITY HOUSE, the center provides the platform for disciple ship, Corporate Worship and Evangelism. Her primary objective is to • Provide the enabling environment for the believer to grow into spiritual maturity • Provide platform for the believer to…

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New Wine Apostolic Centre

New Wine School of the Spirit

New Wine School of the Spirit New Wine School of the Spirit is a Kingdom prophetic and apostolic equipping platform, located in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria. It is structured with a prophetic emphasis for times and seasons, cutting edge messages and outreach to birth the current moves of the Holy…

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Ranti Williams

Throne Sound Inc

Throne Sounds – Songs around the Throne! The STARDOM / KINGDOM Dichotomy has  invaded  the Churches , we see the Body of Christ becoming entertainment Oriented , popular artists are brought into the Church to violate the soul of men who were once set apart for Christ. These Last Days…

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