City Apostolic Council

The City Apostolic Council is a fluid relational movement of leaders and influencers pursuing God and the current reformational shifts in the church and in the world. Participants range from traditional pastors, through those in the arts, information technology, and business, to emerging ekklesia pioneers.


  • To Redesign the Sphere (replacing walls with wells)
  •  To be in Community
  •  To Mentor one another
  •   Partnership beyond sharing pulpit
  •   Explore and Develop New Apostolic models
  •   To build together until the Kingdom is Instituted on Earth
  • To express Kingdom Government over cities

Our Message: From Church to Kingdom

 We proclaim the reign of God over the church and over every sphere of life, including politics, arts & media.

 Authority: From Official to Spiritual

There is a fluid relational leadership configuration of mature apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders who gather periodically as a governing territorial company of sons, to seek God and strategize for kingdom advancement.

 Any authority these leaders have is through relational equity, gift, and calling, not position, office, or hierarchy. Authority flows horizontally not vertically and functions by virtue of the gift of Christ and healthy mutually respectful relationships. This approach serves to emphasize first, the primacy of relationship with God, and secondly, with one another as the operating principles of the body of Christ. We recognize that God “sets in the church first apostles, secondly prophets, and thirdly teachers” (see 1 Cor 12:28). Rather than a hierarchy of structure we see this as an order of spiritual sequence. The full restoration of apostles, prophets, and teachers is integral to spiritual breakthrough and the increase of the kingdom of God.

 Apostles and prophets break new ground in the Spirit and in the restoration of truth. They are the tip of the arrowhead, followed by teachers, miracles, healings, and then ministries of help and administrations as the shaft. Within the CAC relational grouping, there are a number of apostolic/prophetic leaders, who, by virtue of the gift of Christ and proven character, serve the larger group through a collegial style of leadership, ably supported by those with support and administrative gifts.

 Membership: From Walls to Wells

This is a dynamic connexion. We have unity to the degree that we are moving together to the well, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. This contrasts with the traditional pastor’s forum and apostolic network configuration which is a static connexion, determined by formalized membership. Under this system, all that is required to be a member is to be on the right side of the wall “Sign on the dotted line! “And pay your dues. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily facilitate movement to the well. However, it does look good for the stats! Our approach then is to dig wells rather than build walls. We, therefore, have no formalized membership or affiliation. Our relationships are the criteria of membership in the body of Christ. In this particular configuration, they are maintained by our various electronic communications and regular City Apostolic Community gatherings to drink from the well. Our gatherings have a strong Holy Spirit ethos, where we take large amounts of time to gaze upon Him, for prayer ministry, and impartation.

The CAC is by no means exclusive. It is inclusive of various other relationships and movement affiliations. Many of us hold formal membership in other networks and organizations. Involvement in the CAC gatherings and configuration of relationships is by invitation and is open to those who have requested mentoring or in a closer relationship with us. Emerging leaders and influencers from church, prayer and mission movements, business, and the arts are currently involved.

Finance: From Law to Liberality

There are no financial requirements for involvement. Even so, the Holy Spirit may lead you to sow materially into those from whom you have received spiritually. This is not only a kingdom principle but is integral to the emergence and support of apostolic/prophetic ministries.


Ayodeji Williams, The Apostolic Leader of the Regenesis Global, and Demola Akinyemi of House of Prayer Int’l  have been asked by the emerging Apostolic team to provide facilitating leadership to these relationships.

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