” Abomination in the Holyplace “
Ayodeji Ezra-Williams

About the Book.

The specter of antediluvian sins of the times of Noah is rearing its ugly head again in these times. Men are once more having “intercourse” with demonic or fallen angelic beings in ways that confer power on them to manifest miracles, signs and wonders whose real sources and validity can only be uncovered by prophetic discernment.
As men of this century are returning to the wisdom of long past ages, modern Pentecostal/Charismatic churches have also been invaded by the spirit of the age, sustaining their flight upon the wings of ancient lore.

Every characteristic of the antediluvian sins seems to be reappearing. Open intercourse with demons is being perpetuated on a vast scale in the very heart of Christendom and these practices do not exclude even the hitherto somewhat traditionally conservative segments of the Protestants. The use of concocted substances and countless other practices of primal and medieval times now thrive in numerous “church” circles. Old, mesmerizing healing methods rooted in ancient magical arts are increasingly being passed off as genuine Spirit-induced miracles. All these are floating back to us upon the tide of “revivals” and “spiritual awakenings.” They no longer come veiled or shrouded in secrecy or mystery; rather, in accordance with the spirit of the age, they blatantly present themselves as veritable tools of evangelism and church growth.

The 21st century believers must be wise, competent and endowed with the necessary spiritual capacity to deal with the issues that will confront the inhabitants of the earth as the age is about to climax. The greatest challenge of this 21st century is not going to be worship or the lack of it, but the “whom” and the “how” of worship (i.e. who are men worshiping and how are they doing the worship). This is because over the years especially the decades immediately proceeding and leading up to the 1990s, the nations of the earth witnessed some serious spiritual awakenings, a fact which was not lost on Satan the devil and his cohorts. And although he does not mind anyone becoming religious, what the devil detests and hates with passion is the worship of the true God. To that extent, he concentrates all his energy on defiling and polluting the worship systems of the earth.

“Who (i.e. the man of sin) opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God”. Thessalonians 2:4

There is a dimension in the church system of today that is presenting itself as the worship of the true God, but which is false. Whenever anyone seeks to worship the almighty God, it is this religious imposition that you are first confronted with. Sometimes it comes as a system of belief and at other times, it may manifest as a wrong emphasis of the doctrine of Christ. It might also be a denomination that was once used by God but which in the present time has become a monument. The issue that our generation has to contend with is that this dimension sits in the temple and is showing itself as God. With this understanding, we must begin to examine our lives so that we can be sure that we are serving the living God and not gods imposed by systems and/or organizations which are fast spreading and polluting the spiritual landscape of the nations.