Ayodeji Ezra-Williams , Apostolic Leader & Snr Elder, The Regenesis .

Ayodeji Ezra- Williams   is called to be a prophetic apostolic  messenger to the Body of Christ. He coordinates TheRegenesis Global, a kingdom discipleship platform committed to the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the restoration of all things.

He is the Senior Elder of The Regenesis, a Kingdom Community based in Lagos Nigeria with Light Centers across the Nations . With almost three decades of involvement in Church Developments dating back to the Word of Faith Movement in the 80s serving with Rev Dr Tunde Joda of the Voice of Faith Ministries as a ministry assistant and later as a pioneer Apostolic Evangelist for Christ Chapel int’l Churches Port-Harcourt.

The  release of the Apostolic and the Prophetic move in the 90s saw  Ayodeji Ezra-Williams connected to  Global Apostolic Impact Network pioneered by  Rev Tunde Bakare ,  and then the Congress-WBN led by Dr Noel Woodroffe.  He served in the  Kingdom Community Network(KCN)  Executive Council of Congress-WBN and  under the directorship of Paul Ogedengbe the West Africa Coordinator of Congress-WBN , Ayodeji also serves as the pioneer Principal and Faculty member of the WBN – Breakthrough School of Ministry for five years.

Ayodeji Ezra-Williams is the convener of City Apostolic Council (CAC) a governing territorial leadership coalition with relationships  in South Africa, Bangladesh, Lagos and United Kingdom . He is the Director of Missions and Developments (Nigeria) for Kingdom Impact Vision Int’l (KIVI) a Global Network of Ministers, Churches and believers committed to Evangelism, and the Vice President of its Board of Trustees. Directorship at Technites Leadership Institute , an apostolic reformation leadership training initiative working with churches to deliver relevant 21st century leadership mentalities.

He is the author of  books  “The Desolating Sacrilege” 2001“The Judgment to come” 2005 and “Church Developments”  2018 .He is  married to Oluwaranti and resides in Lagos Nigeria , with his family .