Book on Church Development

The Prince of this World has long been striving, and seems almost close to achieving that victory. It is the natural result of a major error by the church: a lowering of the standard of the Kingdom through the introduction of a gospel of convenience, a walk with God that does not require sacrifice, Christianity that lacks the power to adjust the human nature and character. The Church’s surrendering of this basis of her power and legitimacy has made her to exist in a perfect and harmonious accord with the World. The visible Church has virtually created her own ‘GOD,’ a religious deity who seems satisfied with His subject’s excesses, cares little about their sins, highly appreciates their works of virtue, even though these were predicated on human pride, and looks with pleasure upon their bold deeds and intellectual displays. Packages of doctrines, whole pedestals of understanding and range of thinking system which form the basis of people’s faith have been tailored to satisfy the cravings of fallen men. The God of the bible has been left out of His own house. His city lies in virtual ruins while the city wall are continually been compromised so that strangers may enter at will. This book is written out of the pain and frustration that I suffered in my pursuit of the true God and it is dedicated to the seven thousand who have not bow their knees to Baal, and to The Regenesis my community for allowing me to be an elder among the elders of the assembly; indeed they were the guinea pigs used in the process of uncovering this ancient path, and to all men who are sighing because of the affliction of Joseph.

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